Junior Surf

Junior Surf is a great way for everyone to make friends, be active, and learn how to stay safe in the beach environment.

Come down and see us!

Junior Surf at New Brighton Surf Life Saving Club is inclusive, fun and educational. We welcome all ages and abilities. Everyone is different, and we welcome that!

The main aim of our programme is to teach all our members the necessary water skills and awareness to stay safe in the ocean.

What’s involved in our session

Our main training day is Sunday 10-12pm. Please arrive by 9:45am to sign in.

10am start

We will brief you on the morning’s plan, and then race down to the beach for a warm up. We then split into our three age groups and start the group warm up.

Our session is split into 3 age groups:

  • 9yrs and under
  • 10-11yrs
  • 12-14yrs

During the session we start with beach activities, which are based around beach sprints/relays and beach flags, then (conditions permitting) we move to the water. In the water we focus on board/surf skills, water confidence and awareness. The younger kids use boogie boards, with the 10yrs + kids upwards using rescue boards (the length varies depending on their age). For those less keen we spend 1:1 time just getting them familiar with the water. Parents are most welcome to join in as well! Safety wise, we have plenty of lifeguards involved in this session offering either 1:1 time with kids, or at minimum a 1:5 ratio in groups.

Once 12pm approaches we encourage everyone to hand in their hi-vis vests, sign out of our swim register, get changed, and grab a sausage off the bbq.

If you are interested in coming to one of our sessions just turn up on the day!

Sunday training sessions

  • 10AM to 12PM

200m Safety Badge

We recommend any of our members (9 years and over) complete their 200m safety badge to demonstrate they are confident to swim back to shore if they lose their board. Anyone who wants to compete in water events at carnivals also needs this award. Those under 9 years old are not required to complete this award as we won’t allow them to go out beyond their depth.

Get your child’s swimcoach or local pool lifeguard to witness and sign this form and email back to juniors@newbrightonslsc.org.nz, and they’ll be given their 200m safety badge!

  • Get your child’s swim coach or local pool lifeguard to witness and sign the form

  • Take a photo/email to juniors@newbrightonslsc.org.nz

  • Remember to do this every year!

The cost

2023/2024 Summer Season fees (U14 years) Cost
Single child $70
Second child (same family) $40
Children under 7 (6 years & under 1 Nov 2023) $20

How to pay

You can pay your subs with cash, EFTPOS on club days or you can choose to pay your subs by internet banking.

Bank Account Details

Account Name: ​New Brighton SLSC Inc.
Account Number: 03 0855 0391983 00

Reference – Member’s name (First & Last Name)
Code – what the payment is for, e.g. ‘subs, uniform, comp, pool comp, etc.

Rookie Lifeguard Programme

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme has been designed to help junior surf members prepare to be a Surf Lifeguard. The Rookie Lifeguard Programme aims to promote “practical lifeguarding” to the younger members and develop strong ties between senior and junior members as a result of involvement.

The target audience for this programme is 13-year-old junior surf members wishing to become a Surf Lifeguards next season.

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