Daylight saving brings BOARD TRAINING at Naval Point!

September 20, 2023

Hey everyone, Happy spring! 😎 We will be kicking off our board training sessions (9yrs+) from Thursday next week (28 September) conditions permitting.

What’s our plan?

The first few sessions will be at Naval Point focusing on technique and building fitness, whilst the sea temp is warming up. 

A couple of important things to note:

  • kids must be 9 years minimum
  • and have their 200m safety badge (details below)
  • a wetsuit or leggings/hot top until the water and air temp warms up.

Please ensure you are all added to our Heja App (available on Apple App Store and Google Play [joining code is BJ743591] as we will use this to post any cancellation updates going forward.

These sessions will run from 5:30pm when you grab your board and hi-viz, to be ready for 5:45pm in the water. Sessions will finish by 7pm.

Next steps:

  1. Please email or sign up to the Heja App (even if you can’t make the first session) so we have an idea of the size of sessions.
  2. Get your 200m safety badges signed off and sent to before next Thurs.
  3. Be at Naval Point on Thursday 28 September at 5:30pm.

For those who are new to board training:

Welcome! If you are 9 years and older and want to learn how to ride a rescue board, these flat-water sessions are the perfect way to learn the necessary board skills before transitioning into the surf once the water is warmer. You must have your 200m safety badge before you can join us.

Naval Point is quite a busy spot, so we need to be mindful of kids and gear. We use the public parking area as we’re not members of the yacht club. Our gear will be stored for a few weeks in a container inside the Naval Point carpark. Just arrive by 5:30pm and look out for people you know next to the gear containers to grab your board.

IMPORTANT – No kids are to enter the water without hi viz vests. Please help us enforce this.

200m Safety Badge

It’s all about safety. Our paddlers need to complete this mandatory safety award in case they lose their board and need to swim back.

You can find out information about the 200m badge and download a copy of the 200m safety badge sign-off form here Get your swim coach or local pool lifeguard to sign you off. Then either scan/photograph and email to Too easy! (And if you have any issues with being able to do this, just get in touch).

For those who have attended the Sunday coaching sessions during winter – your 200m badge is included in these sessions.

Any questions just ask and see you next week!